Healing on the mind-body-soul level

Healing means coming to a state of being completely who we are, the pure Self, free of suffering, burdens and limitations collected during the lifetime(s) or inherited.
It’s a process of letting go of everything that isn’t us and opening up to our inner potential, the feeling of peace, love and acceptance which reside under the layers of fear, anger and frustration.
By restoring the flow of energy in our body to its original strong, healthy and natural state we get in touch with ourselves, discover our potential and uniqueness and tune into our inner self.

By healing the energy field the cause of the dis-ease, which has manifested itself in the physical or emotional form, is being released – any information (residing in the memory) about trauma/ emotional or physical pain can be neutralised and bereft of influence on the subconscious mind.
Even if a dis-ease is not present, energy field healing will enhance the overall health.

During the session I use tachyonized tools and products (Tachyon Health and Wellness Practitioner Tools ( and a method called psychokinesiology. The latter enables among others to “read off” the inner state of balance, the state of grounding, the blockages in the meridians and chakras  and their influence on emotional and physical state. The information is communicated in details during the very session, in case of distant healing a report of those readings is sent by e-mail.

65€ (can be done on distance)

Pain Body Release and ART (Advanced Release Technique)

Pain body is a term invented by Eckhart Tolle (“Power of Now” and “A New Earth”) and  defines a negative energy field that occupies your body and mind, made of accumulated individual, family or collective pain.
David Wagner (the founder of the process of tachionization) describes it as an energy field that contains all the information about our traumas, emotional and physical pain, everything that has happened to us. This information (conscious or unconscious) forms us into what we think we are. It has been accumulated over a lifetime (Accumulative Energy Field), or passed down from generation to generation (Transient Energy Field).
Pain Body Release and ART are advanced techniques for releasing the body (energy fields) from the information that triggers negative emotional states, illness, or feelings of blockage. They have been created by David Wagner.


You can expect:

An pleasant healing and harmonizing effect.
Physically – you may experience an increase in stamina and energy; feeling of pain, fatigue, dis-ease may disappear or decrease
Emotionally –  return to the feeling of unconditional love, general well-being
Mentally – you could experience increased wisdom or clarity of thought, inner balance
Spiritually – feel more in tune with ‘The Source’, deeper alignment to your Self and your connection to the higher aspects of you, re-direction from the separation toward Oneness.

Plus natural detoxification, increased vitamin & mineral absorption, enhanced meditation, increased brain function.

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My certificates:
1.Psychokinesiology, Centrum Voor Psychokinesiologie, Pellenberg, Belgium
2.Tachyon Holistic Wellness 301, University of Integrated Science California, Certificate no. 7795717/12/2013, 06/2013

Courses: Reiki, Holistic Massage, Trauma work in the context of Systematic Constellations, Moxa Therapy, Healing of Chakras and Organs