Ode to Fear

In the meadows of tomorrow
I’m waiting for you.
Your claws
seen through the eyes of my resistance
scratch my protective walls
and your teeth bleed
fed by the lack of hope.

The blood is mine, not yours
but I’m still here.
Stripped of faith I thrill
waiting for you to reveal the message.
And then vulnerable I slowly let you in.
You tell me your stories
and I listen in pain,
you tear my heart out but I stay
till it’s done,
to then realize that there’s nothing
but a story
which wants to be heard.

Oh Fear!
I know you came to tell me
something I falsely believe.
Your presence means I’m away from myself.
Gone to the past or the future
I project and build something I fear,
the reality that isn’t here.
Cause in the Now I’m safe,
purely and always safe.

Copyright ©2017 Monika Braun and Love it Now. All Rights Reserved.