I’ll Take You There

I’d love to take you somewhere
to a secret place I’m in sometimes,
where love is kind and effortless,
and abundant for everyone.
Where the past is nothing
but a dream
we shake off at dawn,
the future leaves us in peace
because we know there’s only now
and fears…
they don’t knock on the door
knowing there’s nothing behind.
Where everything is perfect
only because it is
and I smile
at every stressful thought pass by.
In that place your presence
is an eternal gift,
no action is needed to be
and I launch myself
on the waves of happiness
which are strong enough to carry me.
That’s the place where I reside sometimes
and one day I’ll take you there,
the land where the ego sleeps
abandoned by the mind
and where there’s only one ruler
– the Heart.

Copyright ©2017 Monika Braun and Love it Now. All Rights Reserved.