Recreating the Past

Today’s prompt “Recreate” brought a lot of thoughts to my mind. I started to think about my life wondering: would I recreate it if I could? And the answer was: no. I wouldn’t change anything. And it’s not because my life was so great or because I did only good things and didn’t suffer, no I did suffer a lot. I was hurt deeply many times. I’ve done things I wouldn’t do again. I made decisions based on fear. I lied and cheated.
But I don’t regret anything.

Why should I?

Going back in time I would do exactly the same because of who I was at that moment and what was my perception of things.
And who said that I wasn’t to do that? Maybe in the circumstances of that moment it was the best  I could do for everyone?
And when I think of other people in my life my conclusion is the same – they shouldn’t had hurt me… It shouldn’t had happened to me… can I absolutely know that it’s true? Of course not.

We often estimate the value of experiences by watching the immediate consequences but actually what counts is the place they take us to, the supreme result. And that depends on our own attitude towards what had happened.
I often listen to people stuck in the past, filled with regrets and pain and I wonder what is the difference between me and them? Is it the attitude? Is it the belief that everything happens for a reason and turns out all right sooner or later?

I wake up every morning thinking what can I do today to feel better. I look for the ways of improving my life. About things which will help me feel love. And it’s not that I’m not thinking about the past, no – I recreate itBecause the past doesn’t exist, what remains is the memory of it and the memory is seen through the eyes of the now. So how you see the past depends on how you are now.

It took me years to heal myself and I still do it every moment I can by releasing the emotional burdens, rising my awareness and neutralising the influences of the past. And then I look it in the eyes and smile thinking – you made me who I am but you don’t destroy me anymore.

Sometimes people ask me how can I be so positive and I wonder: and how comes that you cannot?
But I’m a believer: I believe in the magic of every thought, in the power of our intentions and dreams, I believe in us as human beings.

There’s nothing you cannot.


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