To Aphrodite

I feel the fire you carried in your heart,

my soul has the color of the love you spread

and still,

there’s that sense of doubt,

the question –

to what extent it may be shared.

Love conquers all, you said

lifting others and helping them feel beautiful,

and then you laughed at our struggles,

not knowing who we love

or who loves us…

you found exquisitely painful.

So tell me, my Goddess of Love,

did you ever suffer

or was it always so gorgeous?

Did you amble along the path

filled with enchanted lovers

and bathed in their love

never feeling lost or rejected?

Or did you use any perceptual anesthesia?

Cause piercing the veil of fear and pain

seems to be dificult for mortals.

Copyright ©2017 Monika Braun and Love it Now. All Rights Reserved.

The picture above I took yestarday in Cyprus, Together with the description of the place:


I found an interesting statement of Aphrodite, makes me think a lot about following our heart: