Self – Acceptance

“Just be yourself, accept who you are”
I’ve heard thousands of times
and each time I wondered
who was the “I”
I was told to accept

the picture of her
shaped by thousands of fears
was maintained by clinging on to survive…
was it the real me? I wondered
or just a moulded identity
a puppet pulled by the strings
of the massive human masquerade?

if I could undo what made me that
if I could drop some memories
If I could transform my beliefs…
maybe there would be no end of me?

I did it, step by step
I met my Self under the layers of thoughts
there was no right and no wrong in it
no right and no wrong anyplace else
I could not know who it was
I could only feel
my mind was still waging its wars
but it didn’t bother the space
I became

Copyright ©2017 Monika Braun and Love it Now. All Rights Reserved.

written for

Week 3| Self-Acceptance