Self – Compassion

What if I fell in love with myself?
And tapping into the rhythm of oxytocin I would drown in the warm and fuzzy feelings and flow effortlessly in the rampage of ease… 
There would be no resistance – serotonin would keep fear and judgement away, and being an elation magnet I wouldn’t have to ask for anything.

What if my mind driven by love saw only joy? Would I need compassion for myself if there was nothing to fix?
Would forgiveness make any sense?

If falling in love with myself would turn me into love looking for a way to express – would arrogance or narcissism cross its way?

I open the door to my inner child and look through the eyes of compassion – there is no blame, no tormenting thoughts…
dancing with joy love cuddles the divine version of myself.

written for Kidness Challenge

Copyright ©2017 Monika Braun and Love it Now. All Rights Reserved.