a harmony of the human race

floating on a boat through the canals of Amsterdam
I thought of you
your footsteps must have been seen here before too
but somehow we passed each other
cheated by time
and the concepts of mind
we crashed

have you seen Van Gogh?
he gave his cut off ear to a prostitute
and I wondered – was it so insane?
or do we all try to be too normal?
this city pulled me in today
the overwhelming tulip bulbs
the diamonds
the magical buildings
retaining the five hundred-years-old stories
poured out of the colourful windows
they spread around unseen for the eyes

I touched the vibe and buzz of cocktails
which shaken
and blended
took my taste buds on an unforgettable tour
I listened to the melody of the human chatter
dyed with different accents and multiple styles
and thought that maybe all this existed in aΒ harmony
created by the human race

Copyright Β©2017 Monika Braun and Love it Now. All Rights Reserved.