The Essence of Magic

After writing my previous post “The Un-comfort Zone” I promised one of the bloggers to write some tips how to use magic in life. And by magic I don’t mean to do any tricks for fun but to become the creator of your own reality, to take the power and channel it through your own body and then direct it to the physical plane.

I put it in the form of a poem and then wrote down the clues I use.

In the world of billion possibilities
I pick the one I want
watching it attentively
with my eyes closed
I touch it
feel it
smell and sense
till it becomes so real
that everything around disappears

then I let it go
as a message sent to the Universe
that It will take care of it

looking around at what I don’t want to see
I don’t mind anything anymore
I accept it and let it be
so that my resistance melt
that it’s there temporarily
cos the image I sent is being molded
and formed
and will come back as the reality I chose

Here are some steps/ tips I follow:

  1. Believe that it is possible
    Good news is that everything you can imagine has already potential to exist otherwise it would be impossible for you to imagine it.
    The thing which usually stops people from believing in their dreams coming true is the question “How?”. How do I get there? What do I have to do to get there?
    The mind usually cannot find any answer on that question or its answers seem to be impossible to execute, which is absolutely normal. Don’t overestimate your mind – it functions on the base of facts known to it so if you ask about something it didn’t experience yet it will not know the answer.
  2. Skip the “how”
    The “how” will always bring doubts, make you hesitate and undermine the possibilities. It will dig in the potential of your desire till it becomes absurd or ridiculous. So the moment you notice that you started to search for how – stop immediately.
    This is not your task to know how, the answer/the way will appear sooner or later if you stay concentrated on your vision. Have faith
  3. Imagine
    “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Albert Einstein
    Close your eyes and imagine that what you desire with so many details possible. Try to feel what you would feel if it was real. Try to sense it, smell it, touch it. Make it real in your head and stay in this place as long as possible.
    However if your desire is connected with another person – don’t put this person into your vision, otherwise you start to manipulate her/his reality. This is a very important rule. If your desire concerns any heart/love matters you have to “put” a “neutral person” into it. You can f.ex. imagine a person you don’t know yet with the characteristics of the person you love.
  4. Let go of your desire
    If you watched it attentively enough you have to let it go. You have to be able to live without it, no clinging – it will only hinder the process. Have faith.
  5. Let go of resistance
    If there is something in your present reality you don’t like try not to resist it. Accepting what is means not giving up, it’s just accepting that what you want is not there yet and what you see is temporary. By resisting anything you create negative vibrations which hinder your process of creation.
    If the reality is really difficult to stand I would recommend to move the attention of what there is to what you want there to be as often as possible. It can be that this way you will quicken the change.

“The Universe Is Full of Magical Things Patiently Waiting for Our Wits to Grow Sharper”

good luck!

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