To the city left behind

Finding Your Place

I haven’t seen you for awhile
the last time in my dream
you came to rise my memories
and once again left
stealing some of them

I recalled the way you fed me
for my first twenty five years
with love, with fear
with joy and sorrow
on your ground I learned to dance

I recalled the first kiss
not having any taste
the story of my first cigarette
and the second vodka glass
and learning… till it was too hard to bear

and then the big Moon
filled with promises
hanging above the park
where I used to sit and ask
what now… where to… how?

I went to visit you a few years ago
recognized the streets, the buildings, the coffee shops
I saw the girl running, trying to catch the tram
with her bag full of books
and her head in the clouds

but I couldn’t identify myself with her
as if it was someone else
a lost soul whom I wanted to hug and say:
you will do fine
you will find your way