the pursuit of happiness

To catch a piece of happiness
or at least to snatch its tail
I could walk the world around
and if lucky
try out some know-how or a way:

I could do a bungee jump
and inducing all my fears
fold them in a ball
which falling down with me
would smash
making my mind free

I could dab your thoughts
and making you smitten with me
divest myself of all my limits
and plunge
into the orgasmic bliss
bereft of individuality

I could find a sacred place
and surrounding myself to it
loose my sense of identity
and then dissolve
in the blissful state of Pure Being

But I’m sitting here
totally on my own,
digging inside and crawling under the skin
I pass the layers of pain and sorrow
which melt
disclosing my inner treasure, my God

Copyright ©2016 Monika Braun and Love it Now. All Rights Reserved.