a tough question

your little eyes weep

your mouth expresses soreness

the innocent, 7-years old heart of yours

breaks in two

and you ask me “why?”

why you cannot hug your teacher anymore

you think your friends were naughty

and he got mad

he said he may not hug

any children at school

that he was warned …

but you don’t understand

he’s so lovely and good

and that was you who hugged him first

and I don’t have a clue

what to say to you

but I’m sad too

I know him – a very good and caring man

would never hurt anyone

and somehow

somebody had those thoughts…

and your little heart is broken in two

“who will hug me now, mum,

when you leave me at school?

Was it because of my friends?”

but I cannot answer

your “why” breaks my head

“you won’t understand”

“try me”

“I don’t find words”

Tough Questions

Copyright ©2016 Monika Braun and Love it Now. All Rights Reserved.