“When you find yourself craving connection with another, look inside and check whether you haven’t in fact disconnected from yourself.”

Sidonie Bouchet

I disconnected from myself. I don’t know why or how or when but I lost the connection somehow, it was gone and I didn’t realise it till I met HIM. Suddenly everything became obvious – this feeling of longing for something, of missing something or just being constantly on the way to somewhere… that was gone.
He stopped the time, cut the ways, made choices and my “I” fell down spilling out its content.
There was nothing more I could have wanted till the moment when it appeared that he didn’t feel what I felt.  He came for something else, put a mask on and played a game trampling on my needs and feelings, but for me it was too late to see it clearly – I had taken leave of my senses.

It took me some time to understand what was going on and then again some time to move back and let go of feelings I became so addicted to.
But afterwards I discovered that the only thing I was supposed to do was to find the Connection with myself, which in fact was the one I was longing for.

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