shared journeys

“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love” said Hemingway, and I would add – unless your inner state of balance is strong enough not to feel or to react like a litmus paper thrown into the acid.

Love rectifies (or if you prefer – distorts) perception. It puts pink glasses on the nose (or removes the black ones), coats the throat with honey, satiates the stomach, raises up the inner vibrations and it does all that to protect you from the clash you could experience otherwise.
It makes that even the acid tastes good.
But isn’t it just beautiful?
What if we all and always felt love to everyone inclusive ourselves?
How would our life journey be like?

And I guess you’re thinking: wouldn’t the life be boring if we only felt love? And how would we know that it is love without going through the contrasting to it states: pain, sorrow, suffering…?

But love has different shapes and colours and even shadows… and do we really need to go through the pain and the suffering to value it?
A flower doesn’t need to know what is the weather like. It doesn’t need to dry out first in order to blossom.
A cow doesn’t need to know that it is a cow in order to be a cow.
And we are love – this is the essence of what we are, all the rest belongs to the Ego and its strategies.

Shared Journeys


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