Leaving Behind

The Things We Leave Behind

We will always have to leave something behind.
It is impossible to be, to live or to do otherwise.

But paradoxically – we can have or experience something only when we are ready to let it go eventually. If not – the fear of loss will paralyse the will of having or experiencing it.

I often hear people saying: “you have to protect yourself from this and this and that…” And I ask them: “what for?” By making walls we lose so much… after all – not only the bad things but also those good ones are not able to  penetrate our shelters.

And I believe that everything eventually turns well, everything finds its place bringing new insights, and that the shaking experiences are there to shake us when we need to be shaken, when we need to realise or to learn something.

And when we are ready we can leave them behind, like a flower which dried out or like a day which ended.

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