you too have a dark side

Everyone of us has a dark side. In some people it is very small, in others enormous, most of us are standing somewhere between.
You cannot fight against it and you cannot destroy it, the only thing you can do with Darkness is to switch the light on. It disappears overpowered by it, exposed to light it looses its strength. It cannot survive in its presence.

The most dark side I have ever seen was the one of one of my clients. Mishandled in his childhood in so many ways and on so many levels he became a dangerous and out of control being. Addicted to alcohol and drugs ex-prisoner with enormous aggression issues, owner of a cut and mishandled body, which additionally went through several suicidal attempts…

His dark side showed up during the first session, part of it transformed. And then another part during the next session and one more later on…
He got out of some of his addictions completely, of some partly (by now). He discovered human emotions he never knew before – empathy, care, trust… he noticed what it means to stop and to live in the moment. His suicidal thoughts disappeared. Aggression diminished to a “normal” level.
He came so far from so far to understand that he was not the darkness but the light which for a long time was burned-out.


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