“Life is full of Struggle” – appears as a reflected sound wave in my head. Conviction encoded in my cells, the nearest voice from the early childhood deforming the glance on reality. After years bared,  revealed and released.

Do we have to Struggle?
Fight is a consequence of resistance to what is and what we don’t want there to be. It is the opposite of acceptance. We struggle with ourselves, with others, with situations… What if we stopped?

What is – is. We can change it, sometimes we should, and if we cannot we can look for help, but – the point of departure is acceptance. Only accepting what is will make the change possible.

Look at what is.
Find the meaning of it for yourself (there is always a meaning), say: this situation or behaviour… means for me that…
Accept that it is now like it is.
Think of what or how you would like it to be.
Lift yourself up vibrationally to the reality you want to experience.