I am free to be my True Self. My life is mine.

White, the element Metal

“Everything is changing, and I’ve been here for too long.

Going through the same things (…) got to move on.”

If the element Metal could express itself in two sentences then probably it would use the words of Sigma.

Transformation and letting go is its core.
Dying and not-knowing (what next) is its experience.
Fear is its shadow.
Ego is its opponent.

But those who go through tempestuous times keeping this element in balance are able to cope with what life brings and to adapt to new situations. They don’t loose themselves in the daily drama but stay in connection with life pulling out the essence of its experiences.
They are conscious of their identity, integrity and self worth and they don’t loose it in the process of changing.

Metal is like a sword of truth which cuts off what not-essential and regulates the rhythm of give and take.

Letting go of the old and making room for the new happens through Lungs and Large Intestines.

Through inhalation we let the outer world in and through exhalation we share ourselves with it. We breathe in the unknown and breathe out waste and toxins… we breathe through difficulties.
In and out… steady exchange.
Change is the only constant in life.

The Large Intestine selects the last needed stuff and pulls it out, pushing the waste towards the entry. “Shit” may leave. 

(written in continuation of my post: Life is full of colours and so are you)