I am the fruit of life and I have a right to be here

Yellow, the element Earth.

The Earth carries and nourishes entire life and, like a loving mother, she offers safety, security and a right to exist.
Physically we come from her, we are fed by all her resources to finally unite in her.

The question, the element Earth is asking, is: “Are you open to receive what I’m offering to you?”

And it’s not just about food, water, air… it’s about everything else: music, art, satisfaction of doing something, nice words of another human being, joy of daily life, somebody’s love…

So how are you doing? – Are you living in the here and now noticing her gifts? Are you open to receiving? Or – do you live in your head digesting the past and making worries about the future?

This element is connected with two organs: Stomach and Spleen. Their role is to digest and assimilate many life experiences and to ruminate on the past.

But the element Earth gives also energy, love and fire to the heart so that it could digest difficult and painful memories.

If this element is working properly in your system you stay in energetic balance feeling relaxed, certain, safe, protected and confident. You stand behind yourself, you use your inner power to solve problems, you find the feeling of oneness and the source of love in yourself.

(written in continuation of my post: Life is full of colours and so are you)