I love myself and accept myself for who I am now

Red, the element Fire.

Fire is the bridge between heaven and earth, between your blueprint and your body, between truth and illusion. It is the source of passion, inspiration, connection and love and It’s asking you:
“who are you in your essence?”, “What does your core or your soul want to express?”

In Traditional Chinese medicine Fire is connected with four organs:
Small Intestine
Pericardium (exists only energetically)
Tree Heater (exists only energetically)

The Heart is the King of all organs. It is the gate to Oneness, love, wisdom and healing. The source of God/ Essence/ Universe and like the Sun – it is never deprived of energy, always there, inside, with all its reserves.
If we don’t feel the heart’s energy it is not because it has vanished or diminished but because we lost connection with it, because it was covered by the clouds created by our ego. The ego’s fear for pain and lack pushes us in survival mode and separates from the heart’s energy.

The Small Intestine helps us to let go of that which is not needed anymore – nourishment in all its forms: physical, intellectual, informational… food, critics, experiences, knowledge…
What does not serve anymore has to leave.
The question your Small Intestine is asking you is: “Who are you?”. And if you know that – let go of everything which is not you.

The Pericardium protects your heart like a mother protects her child. If your emotion are becoming unbearable the Pericardium reacts first.

“I love myself and accept myself exactly for who I am now. I allow myself to follow the call of my soul. I know and I trust that the Source itself will help me in the most perfect and unexpected way. I look forward to my future state of inner freedom and connection with the Source of who I am.” Conny Coppen

(written in continuation of my post: Life is full of colours and so are you)