Life is full of colours and so are you

Every emotion you experience, every thought you think has a colour… What you wear, what you buy, even in what colours you paint your home defines your mood or personality at that moment.

And so you can give some encouragement and trust to those in blue, on the other hand they might need some peace and tranquility.
Don’t push those in black – they want to be left alone and hide their inner space from the world.
Don’t ask too many question those in grey, beige or faded green  – it is difficult for them to express themselves, possibly they themselves haven’t discovered yet who they are.
Those in red are ready to take action and those in orange want to communicate with optimism and joy.
Rose persons feel loved or are looking for love. White ones have a need for purification.

If we couldn’t talk we would be able to express ourselves through colours and nevertheless subconsciously we do it every day.

The Chinese five elements theory uses, among others, five colours to describe the fundamental roots of the universe.

These five elements – earth, wood, fire, metal and water – are connected with five colours: yellow, green, red, white and blue. Every element and its colour is linked (through meridians) to two or three different organs in our body. Each of our organs has other meaning, carry other emotions and its way of acting can tell us a lot about our way of being.

I will write about those five different elements and colours during this week. I base my writing on my studying of psychokinesiology, my work experience and the book of Conny Coppen: “Tao van gezondheid”.