The Soul behind the words

I used to believe that eyes are the window to the soul, and that we recognize our soulmate looking through that window. For years I looked very carefully, melting into the eyes of others till the very core of their inner world, which seemed to be limitless. Though not everybody’s world.  Some people had borders I couldn’t cross, or maybe I didn’t want to. Maybe one glance was enough to subconsciously realize that I wasn’t that curious about who was there, behind that particular window.

After some time of throwing myself into the worlds of the others, I became aware, that there are more and more eyes watching me, too. It took me some time to understand that by melting into people’s inner side I must have opened my own window so much, that I accidentally invited them into my world. And I was astonished and got confused by the amount of people waiting to connect.  The outer world turned out to be a theater stage on which the masked souls were searching for merging with each other.

But my astonishment reached the summit, when one day in one of the windows I saw myself. It wasn’t a soulmate or the other me, it was my soul in his body, the mirror image of myself.
For a few months we were passing each other every day in the long corridors of the company we both worked in, exchanging deep glances filled with information. Because of the circumstances we talked only once. And then I left my job, leaving the unsolved mystery behind me.

I used to believe that eyes are the window to the soul… till I discovered that words are too. Participating in chatting, meeting people virtually, reading blogs… I started to get to know them, to feel them.  The intentional selection of words, the way of joining them in phrases or sentences and the energy of all this together allowed me to enter their inner world too. Words became for me the code of their inner blueprint, the fingerprints of the soul.