Who would you be without your story?

“The Work” by Katie Byron is one of my favorite methods to discover how illusionary the reality may be.  How what you think influences what you see, and how what you believe results in what you experience.

So who would you be without your story?

Everything you see, hear, feel and experience with your five senses is passing through the filter of your belief system. Your perception of you and “the reality” depends on your conscious but also unconscious thoughts about what is.
Ten persons looking at the same painting can come to ten different interpretations, describing what they see in ten different ways. And even if all of them agree to one thing – that what they see is a painting – then nevertheless their agreement would be based on a collective belief that a colored canvas in a frame hanging on the wall would have to be what is called a painting.

So what if you could drop every belief which holds you back from being the person you would like to be, every belief that restrains you on the way to your dreams?
You can start every moment by pulling out your beliefs and exposing them to the daylight:

“I cannot follow my dream because…”
“I’m scared to be in relationship because…”
“I will never manage to do it because…”
Listen carefully to the answer which appears from the inside of you, and then ask yourself: “is that true?”, “can I absolutely know that it’s true?”.