Why do people attack people?

Because they feel insecure. Because they are scared, hysterical, anxious, jealous and don’t trust anybody. Because they don’t feel any deeper connection with the others or with the nature or with the Source.

There are two ways of living:
– by sensing deep connection with everything around you, having feeling of being a part of all life force, being guided by love and true passion. Going through life with open heart and having a feeling of being in the natural flow of day-to-day living. This means to be alive.
– feeling separated, isolated and insecure, looking for something bigger to be a part of, being motivated by fear and, in the process of decision-making, led by lack and struggle.

The first way is called living, the second – surviving.  Most of the people live those two modes in turns.  If you live only in the second mode, you get motivated by fear and fear becomes your driving force, actually you are not able to notice anything else. Your fear can become so extreme that you want the others to feel it too.

People living in survival mode have a need for control because the idea of being in control gives them an illusionary promise that this, what they are afraid of, can be prevented from happening. It may happen to others but not to them.

If they are convinced that their existence is threatened by others they may have the need to harm others in the way they themselves are very afraid of. The feeling of being in control and having power over other people are their illusionary ace in the hole.

Fear develops and strengthens where there is a lack of love and acceptance. The inner world is empty and hungry for all kinds of materialistic goods which are supposed to fill in the void. That’s why, in case of terrorists, the promises of being in a wealthy paradise surrounded by women are working so well.  The sense of belonging, merging with something bigger and being rewarded is again an illusionary promise to end the feeling of separation.