The Soul Wellness

 “I want to be healthy and feel good” – who doesn’t?

Most people start to take care of themselves concentrating on their diet habits and/or starting practicing more sport. But food and sitting style of life are not the biggest problem – these are just a small, tiny factor influencing our wellbeing.
We are not only physical beings, we operate at least on 3 levels: mind- body- soul. And as we need healthy nourishment and energy for our body we need it as well for our mind and our soul.

What do you do to take care of your mind?
Do you avoid stress? Start going to the gym? End relationships? Change jobs? Go on vacation to indulge yourself in the sunbeams and salty water in order to revitalize? All this will bring you in a circle of running away or running after something. The problem will stay unsolved. The  stress, the changing moods, the “unhappy me” will follow you wherever you go.
If you don’t take care of your mind and it’s state, nothing will change long term.

Happiness is a state of mind
and not a place in the future where you will finally manage to arrive if only you do this or that… (as the mind keeps telling you). Without looking inside and working on your thoughts/ beliefs/ convictions you will always see happiness as a destination and always be on the way to get there. As an eternal, unsatisfied traveler.

Now, the most important for me – what do you do to take care of your soul? It is the deepest part of you, the essence from which your thoughts are emerging, the energy matrix of your physical form. If your soul is healed so it is your body and your mind. Do you nourish your soul? How?

Everything that exists is permeated by a Universal energy that connects and nourishes the life in its wholeness. This energy is called by many different names, such as chi or prana, God or universal consciousness, tachyon… If your energy field is healthy and free of blockages, you exhibit good health in all its physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Harmony and balance are then part of your life. Your soul expresses its full potential. You re-align yourself to your energetic blueprint.

Your body naturally supplies energy through the chakra system – from oxygen, sunlight, water and food. However, when those sources are themselves depleted of energy or there are blockages of the flow of energy in your own body you don’t get enough of it which results in symptoms such as pain, fatigue, dis-ease, imbalance and a general feeling of lack (leading to frustrations). It prevents you from achieving harmony and the pure connection to a higher spiritual reality, which in turn prevents the full and healthy expression of your living potential.

To nourish your soul it is important to ease the energy flow through your body by supplying more energy and opening the blockages. I use different methods to do it – more in “services”.