How to change your life…”

How to change your life in a “happy ever after” using only one rule?

It’s very simple – experience life the way it is, without liking or disliking, without judgements and opinions, without resistance to what is happening …
It doesn’t mean you cannot have any preferences or wishes – you even should. It’s very important to be driven by passion and desire and go for your soul fulfilment. But each time something happens – don’t judge it, don’t resist it, don’t let yourself be swept away by it because then you enter  the circle of creation of that which you don’t want to experience.

The mind will try to judge and to take you over, to convince you that you cannot accept “this”. Let it do it , it’s your mind’s job, just don’t believe it. Be the witness of your mind, don’t fight it but don’t let it overwhelm you either. Just witness it and the thoughts will lose their power.
“I love what I think, and I’m never tempted to believe it.”  – said Katie Byron. And I love her “The Work”, it always helps me to question my mind and to discover that the world is perfect.  And that we,  in our human imperfection, are perfect too.
“Balanced mind is always at ease. It isn’t for or against anything.”