I am

So many times we try to convince ourselves that we are good enough to be loved, appreciated, that we are the person the others want to be with… but actually who and why convinced us that we aren’t?
We follow many rules about how we should be, what we should do in order to have what we should have… we do a lot of things and work very hard just to prove that we have a right to be here… And in the end we forget about ourselves. We go on living somebody else’s dreams and we lose those of our own on the way.
Maybe it’s time to stop, step aside and say:
“I am a wonderful being and I have the right to be here”
or maybe this would be enough:
“I am a wonderful being”
Or what about: “I am”?
I am
Do you feel the power of those words? They are a statement of you owning your unique place. Of you being you and as you having the right to be here. It’s a key to activation of your energetic signature throughout the Universe. It’s only up to you to use it.