Are you open to listening?

Two days ago I was having dinner with a horse whisperer.  His work was his passion and one could hear in his way of talking how devoted and affectionate he was about it. But when he started to tell about incredible intuition the horses have and their ability to feel the nature, the temper and even the mood of the trainer I interrupted him and said:
“We are always so impressed by what animals can, but a human is able to sense a lot of things as well”.
“Yes, you’re right, if he/she is open…”
“Like small kids, they are always open, their ego is not developed yet …”
“Right, we have those abilities in the early years and then they disappear.”
“They don’t disappear, they diminish suppressed by the rational thinking. The moment we start to think we stop to feel.  And then some of us undergo different kinds of healings, meditations and therapies to open up again, to follow the insights and the inner wisdom. We have to go back to what we lost.”
We both laughed.

It’s very important to be open to listening, regardless of whether you just take part in a discussion, you coach somebody or you do the healing. If you’re not open you will always think about what message you’re going to hear. Your ego will come between as a filter and interpret it.
When I start healing on distance the first thing I do is I ask my client what he/she needs the most at that moment and I listen. The answer comes mostly in a short form, just one or two words. Once I was asked how do I know that the answer comes from the client and not from my own mind, that it is not created by my own thoughts.
Well, if you tune your mind to listening and literally wait – you will hear the answer. But the moment you start to think about what you could hear or you try to hear – you screw it.

Don’t try to hear, just listen and wait till something emerges.